Anaesthetic Negligence can have Major Consequences

Anaesthetics are given primarily to prevent or reduce pain during a medical procedure. Anaesthetic negligence errors can have both minor and major consequences.

One of the major consequences can be what is called ‘anaesthetic awareness’, where a patient is conscious during surgery. For the patient, this can be a very painful and traumatic experience. 

Thorough preparation before using anaesthetic is absolutely vital, to ensure its safe and successful application.  

We are experienced in dealing with all types of anaesthetic negligence claims. 

Common anaesthetic claim errors:

  • Ineffective anaesthesia administration, where the dosage administered is too small or too large

  • Incorrect anaesthetic agents being administered

  • Failure to observe and monitor patients appropriately during anaesthesia

  • Epidurals and nerve blocks

Unfortunately, medical professionals do make above anaesthetic errors, which can lead to a variety of issues which may have a short or long-term impact on the patient.

The damage caused by anaesthetic can include:

  • The psychological damage from Anaesthetic Awareness, where patients become conscious during an operation

  • Nerve damage resulting in pain or disability

  • Brain damage including strokes, due to a lack of oxygen to the brain

  • Rashed, vomiting and difficulty breathing due to anaesthetic allergies

When there has been the negligence use of anaesthetic, the repercussions and damage to the patient are often very serious. The implications are far-reaching and may not be limited to just physical damage. Patients can have long-term psychological and financial issues as a result of anaesthetic-related claims. 

Ongoing expenses relating to anaesthetic errors; such as doctors bills, loss of income, medication and physiotherapy, should all be considered when deciding to pursue a negligence claim, just as they are considered when compensation is being decided.

If you decided to pursue a medical negligence compensation claim with us, the majority of our cases are dealt on a no win no fee basis, meaning that you are at no financial risk if your anaesthetic negligence claim is unsuccessful.

The medical negligence solutions team are here to help you if you think something has gone wrong. You can call us for an initial consultation that will be free and will carry no obligation.

Frequently asked questions

How much time will I need to dedicate to my claim?

It is really up to you. You can choose to be very involved or leave the daily running of the claim entirely to us. At all stages, we will keep you fully informed on the progress of your case. In most cases, you will likely need to attend an appointment with a medical expert. You will also need to answer any questions we may have on your treatment and sign relevant paperwork. Otherwise you can leave the time consuming process of settling your case to us.

In 97% of cases, medical negligence claims are settled before going to trial. However, in the unlikely event that you are required to go to court, we will be there to support you every step of the way.