Birth injury claims refer to cases where an injury has been caused to a mother’s baby during birth, as a result of the failure of the NHS or a private medical practitioner.

This can be devastating to the child and the family, with the injury potentially leading to the child needing to have life long care and treatment.

Birth injury claims can include:

  • Cerebral palsy

  • Brachial plexus injuries

  • Erb’s palsy

All of these conditions can be caused by a failure to:

  • Deliver your baby early on enough in labour or deliver by caesarean section

  • Monitor the baby’s heart rate

  • Respond to an umbilical cord wrapped around the baby’s neck

  • Failure to apply the correct delivery technique

We understand that the process of bringing a claim in medical negligence is complex and daunting, but our team have a wealth of healthcare experience and legal expertise. We can help you and your child through this complicated process. Our aim is to ensure that we obtain the compensation necessary for the pain and suffering your child has been through, and provide for any future care and rehabilitation needs that may be required.


A stillbirth is classified as a baby not born alive after the 24th week of pregnancy. Our team of legal experts have years of healthcare experience and an understanding of the experience you are going through. We provide confidential advice and we will listen to your concerns at this tragic time. 

There are many causes of a stillbirth and these can include:

  • Problems with the placenta

  • Birth defects

  • Infections – maternal and the baby

  • Mother’s health

However, if your baby has died through the negligence of the hospital or healthcare practitioner caring for you during your pregnancy, we are here to listen and help you understand the reasons for your baby’s death, and to help you seek medical negligence compensation for the loss of your unborn child. We will ensure you receive the emotional support vital to you at this time.

Frequently asked questions

Following a stillbirth incident, should I make a complaint or seek financial compensation?

Our suggestion is that you do both. The investigation your complaint triggers will help provide answers to the reasons for your baby’s death which can be used in a stillbirth compensation claim. We understand that financial compensation will not change the outcome but it will offer some relief for the physical and psychological pain and suffering you have been subject to. It will support any expenses and losses incurred.

When caring for a child with an injury, we understand you will need physical, financial and emotional help. It is important that your child has access to the best medical treatment. Compensation can provide financial security for your child’s future and potentially compensate for your loss of earnings in caring for your child.