New Research Places Medical Negligence Under Microscope

Medical negligence in the UK is under a microscope after recent data has found nearly half of residents have been victim to negligence in some capacity, with an overwhelming number of respondents believing overworked clinical staff is largely to blame.

The independent data collected from over 2,000 UK residents found a very clear shift in attitudes since 2005, indicating the general public are far more aware of clinical staff shortages than ever before.

33% of respondents blamed overworked doctors and nurses for medical negligence, as opposed to 21% in 2005.

This information comes despite the reported reduction in negligent claims, improved training and better resources within the NHS.

The report also looked at regions most likely to experience medical negligence with Scotland, Wales and London showing the highest rates of incidents.

Medical Negligence Lawyer Ramune Mickeviciute says negligence can come in a number of forms.

β€œWe see a lot of enquiries come through that focus around misdiagnosis, delayed treatments and surgical errors.

β€œIf you require the advice and support of medical professionals, it’s really important you receive the care you deserve and have a good understanding of your rights as a patient,” she said.

If you believe you have suffered as a result of clinical negligence or you have a question about the medical care you received, feel free to get in touch with the Medical Negligence Solutions team on 0300 303 3634.


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