How big is private healthcare

The Private Healthcare sector plays a big part in providing treatment in the United Kingdom. There are a lot of people have their own private health insurance and receive their treatments on this basis. Equally, cosmetic surgery is often an elective procedure and as such comes under the private paying banner. Dental treatment is also often provided on a private basis.

When there is a demand for treatments and no doctors available under NHS, the NHS sometimes arrange for private doctors to carry out procedures under NHS too. During the pandemic some private hospitals have been used for that, as well as for space to accommodate the increased number of patients.

The America Healthcare Group

There has been further expansion in private sector after the announcement by America Healthcare Group who plan to open its first hospital in London. In September 2021, Cleveland Clinic will open a six-story outpatient centre in Marylebone, near Harley Street in London. They also plan to open a 184 bed general hospital next spring., which will be one of the largest private hospitals in Central London.

It also seems that the recruitment will be done here in Britain, and those are currently working at NHS can apply. It is predicted that there might be some shift of NHS-trained doctors moving to the private sector.

However, even if the recruitment were to expand to overseas doctors, it is expected that they would all be registered to practice here in United Kingdom. In addition, regardless whether the treatment is received under NHS or privately, the same reasonable standards of care need to be met by all clinicians and care providers.

The principal of bringing a clinical negligence claim remains the same whether you received treatment under private care or the NHS. You can still bring a claim for negligence treatment.

The only possible difference is that when the treatment is received privately, the responsible body becomes the doctor; if the treatment has been done under NHS, it would be the Trust itself that is responsible, or the care received.

Following that it is important to double check, when seeking private care that a doctor is insured here in United Kingdom and is licenced to practice in the country.

If you have any queries about the treatment that you received under NHS and/or privately, do not hesitate to contact our clinical negligence team who will be happy to take your enquiry and assist you appropriately.