Wrong Metal Plates Used to in Fracture Repair Surgery

A rather concerning finding has been disclosed by the NHS recently, where the wrong metal plates have been inserted into patients with broken bones.

Although some broken bones can heal with the use of a cast, others require the more invasive bone repair procedure, where metal plates, screws and rods are used to pin the bone in place.

Hospitals have been asked to review the type of plate which has been used in these surgeries over the past 12 months as it seems that, in some cases, flexible plates have been used rather than rigid plates.

Laura Sparrow, Head of Medical Negligence at Medical Negligence Solutions said there have been a number of reports where patients have suffered as a result of this surgery mistake.

“This has led to the metal plates buckling and failing unexpectedly, bones not healing properly and worsened symptoms resulting in further surgery and a deteriorated prognosis,” she said.

As such, bones have not been able to heal as they should, resulting in worsened symptoms, prognosis and further surgery required.

“All of these cases could have been avoided, had the correct plates been used from the outset.”

If you feel that you have been a subject to this error, you may have a clinical negligence claim.

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